What clothing will always be in style?

I get asked this question a lot. So I came up with a minimal list of timeless clothing items to guide you. Once you own these pieces then you can begin to add a few more prints, patterns and most importantly accessories, to update your look. I believe that your shoe choice is #1 in updating your look, #2 your hairstyle is really important in keeping your look modern, #3 your eyeglasses are a key factor in keeping your look fresh, that is if you wear glasses and #4 your jewelry choices keep you looking cool and current as well. I choose to wear vintage jewelry to style my look almost every day. I believe that styling yourself with modern timeless clothing pieces and adding vintage jewelry, makes your look way more interesting than adding a piece of jewelry that has no meaning. Dress and accessorize with meaning. That is my mantra.
Below is my list of a timeless wardrobe. Get these pieces in your closet first then go shoe shopping, visit your hair stylist, get some updated specs and then shop for jewelry with meaning.
Straight-leg blue jeans (not skinny jeans)Navy blazer, single breasted, with modest lapelsButton down collared shirt

Crew neck cable-knit pullover or cardigan sweater, hip length

Modest V-neck smooth knit sweater, hip length in a color of your choice

Khaki, gray, black and/or navy trousers

Trench coat

Camel hair coats, single or double breasted, with modest lapels and a half belt in the back

Duffel coat

White t-shirt

Black t-shirt

Black turtleneck

Tweed blazer with modest lapels

Black dress, round or v-neck, not too snug but fitted to the body, 3″ above to 3″ below the knees in length

Denim or chambray shirt


Laura Michaud

About Laura Michaud

My name is Laura Lynn Michaud and my style is to help you find yours! I was born, raised and currently reside in the lovely state of Maine where I write a fashion blog titled Laura’s Style filled with inspirational tips and tricks for Maine women living a casual lifestyle.