Let Yourself GLOW

Yes, this vintage necklace from the 1960’s is so pretty and iridescent that it GLOWS, but one might ask, how do I actually wear this pretty vintage necklace in 2015? There are actually many ways you can wear it if you keep an open mind.
{1960’s Vintage Moonglow Necklace can be found at The Canny Canary}
When I first look at this necklace I automatically think, dress up.
Below you will find a few really cute modern dresses from Nordstrom that would actually work really well with this vintage necklace.
{Cream and Sugar}
{Ted Baker London}
But, if you are like me you might not dress up every single day. See how I wore this 1960’s vintage moonglow necklace with a more casual look in the photo’s below. As you can see my outfit really consists of two elements: A simple white blouse and a pair of boyfriend jeans that came from TALBOTS. It’s really how you accessorize that makes an outfit interesting.
Find your own perfect white blouse by clicking HERE.
Find your own perfect boyfriend jeans by clicking HERE.


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